Ryan Burke has been a criminal defense attorney for 15 years.  He was a public defender in Baltimore City before founding his own law firm.  He has won hundreds of bench and jury trials.  Ryan believes in understanding all the angles of a case before he works with his clients to get the best outcome possible.  He is a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel and he represents people charged in large federal and state criminal drug conspiracies.  Many attorneys claim that they represent defendants charged with federal crimes, Ryan encourages clients to ask how many federal cases he actually currently has and how many he has handled in the past. 

Ryan's greatest talent lies in his ability to view a case from the eyes of the police, prosecutors, judges, and his client and to craft a story that demonstrates his client's innocence while taking those other perspectives under consideration.  In a recent high profile case connected with the looting of a CVS store during the Freddie Gray riots, Ryan was able to obtain a time served with no probation sentence for a client charged in the Federal Courts.  



Below is a testimonial for Ryan from a recent client who was found not guilty after a jury trial.