A Maryland Law Firm for People, not Corporations

At Burke/Jaskot, we adhere to a unique code of ethics. We are a boutique law firm that is 100% dedicated to advocating for individuals in their personal disputes with large corporations, the government, and others in the State of Maryland.  We have represented over ten thousand individuals and have never once represented a large company or a government entity.  In addition, we do not and will not represent someone JUST because they have the money to hire us.  Instead, we represent people because we believe in their cases and what they are fighting for.  

We focus on Police Misconduct, Criminal Defense, Serious Traffic, Personal Injury, Family Law, and Immigration.  We only take cases in which we truly believe we can help.  For our clients, we are always available and respond to emergencies on both nights and weekends.

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Practice Areas

Police Misconduct

Every day, people’s civil rights are violated by the police and other government employees.  Laws like Federal “Section 1983”, the Maryland Tort Claims Act, and the Local Government Tort Claims Act allow individuals to sue the government for civil rights violations and we know how to do it.  The lawyers at Burke/Jaskot have successfully sued the police for a variety of civil rights violations including false arrests, malicious prosecution, and use of excessive or unreasonable force (brutality).

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Criminal Defense

When you have been detained by the police or even charged with a crime, only a criminal defense attorney understands and can protect your constitutional rights. At Burke/Jaskot we have over 23 years of combined experience in criminal defense, have defended individuals in over 500 criminal trials, and have represented over 10,000 people in criminal cases.  This experience gives us the know-how to help our clients prevail in cases ranging from shoplifting, to possession and distribution of narcotics, to murder.   We fight for our clients’ constitutional rights including the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to a public trial, the right to confront adverse witnesses through superior cross examination and the right to the use the subpoena power of the court. 

Each person that is charged with a crime has a unique story to tell.  We craft each defense in a way that best tells that story to judge and jury.

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Serious Traffic

Losing your driver’s license threatens your ability to work and changes your way of life.  Burke/Jaskot is committed to making sure that does not happen to you.  On a weekly basis, we successfully represent clients in serious traffic matters including driving under the influence (DUI), driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, and reckless driving.  Understanding the intricacies of the traffic code and how the courts and the MVA interact is an essential element of what we do.  

Personal Injury

People are injured daily by the negligent behavior of others…car accidents, unsafe conditions, reckless driving, risky behaviors.  Insurance companies make their profits by getting victims to agree to settlements for as little money possible and avoiding costly trials.    We prepare our cases for trial, not settlement, and as a result get higher settlement offers and better trial results.  Our skilled advocacy helps us get our clients more money, more quickly. 

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Family Law

Divorce, child custody, and child support, are all issues that can make even the strongest of people feel like breaking down.  The law controlling those issues can make the process seem even more complicated.  Our family law attorneys are dedicated to easing your stress and anxiety by explaining the law, giving you their experienced legal opinions, helping you set reasonable goals for your case, and zealously advocating to help you achieve those goals.  Family law is not about beating down the other party…remember, your children are watching.  

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Immigration law is one of the most controversial and confusing topics in this country.  For those trying to achieve legal immigration status, it can seem an impossible mountain to climb.  We are accomplished at helping those in need attain legal immigration status through various methods including marriage visas, political asylum, special immigrant juvenile petitions, and U-visas. We also recognize the crucial importance of positively resolving legal issues that may impact our clients’ immigration status.  Our immigration lawyers understand how helpless you can feel.  Let us help you.

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Domestic Violence

It is staggering how often domestic violence occurs in the United States. You could be the victim of domestic violence or you could be falsely charged with having committed it.  Our lawyers have represented people in both situations. For us, it comes down to our code of ethics—if we believe in your case, we’ll help you get the justice and peace of mind you deserve.

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We believe in clear, honest communication.  We always honestly tell you what we think about your case.  In our blog posts, we write honestly about the issues that are on our minds.  If you think you may need our honest advice and zealous representation, please give us a call at (410) 235-6868.