If you are not a citizen, you have to go to trial in your DUI case

DUI Tips from The Law Office of Burke/Jaskot

ICE is arresting and deporting people on a daily basis for DUI convictions.  If you are charged and convicted of DUI or DWI,  you must not plea guilty.  Many attorneys are completely unaware of this situation or under the false impression that a Probation before Judgment (PBJ) finding in state court will help avoid immigration problems.  

The only real way to avoid immigration consequences is for your case to be dropped by the state or to receive a not guilty verdict after trial.   

We litigate every aspect of our DUI cases and never ask our clients to plea guilty.  

DUI cases are technically complicated.  In order to properly defend a DUI case, an attorney must have the knowledge and ability to challenge every aspect of the case.

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