Six Ways to Make Your Divorce a Less Stressful Experience

1.  Remember: Your kids are watching and learning.  How you and your spouse behave and treat each other during this difficult time will impact your children for the rest of their lives, ultimately influencing how they behave in their own relationships.  Act accordingly.

2.  Be determined to be reasonable.   When the parties to a divorce are reasonable, agreements can be reached more quickly, undue stress can be avoided, and overall cost can be lowered.  Take the high road.

3.  Don’t leave it up to the judge decide.  Judges don't know you or your family intimately.  Judge’s decisions seldom make everyone happy.  Be willing to come to court with an agreement between you and your spouse in hand so the judge isn’t forced to make decisions for you.  

4.  Choose your battles wisely. In a divorce,some things are worth fighting for and some things aren’t.  Don’t waste your time and money fighting over the wrong things.  

5.  Know What You Don’t Know.  Divorcing spouses often have goals that are completely unreasonable or inconsistent with the law. If you want your divorce case resolved quickly, you need to understand how the law applies to your case and have a reasonable expectation about the outcome.

6.  Hire a Good Attorney.  Family law can be a tumultuous sea to navigate.  Hire an attorney who can keep their head during the storm and get you safely to shore.  

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