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 Burke/Jaskot shine a light on police misconduct

Burke/Jaskot shine a light on police misconduct

Once again, I want to thank Lauren Sessa for her awesome art work on this ad.  Lauren Sessa is a student at MICA who created this image for us.  Being a part of the artistic process helps our law firm think about issues in different ways, which gives us an opportunity to think of different ways to relate to our clients, judges, other lawyers, and ultimately juries.

A fair amount of the responses to our ad are angry.  Some are angry that we even deign to display a visual representation of the violence in our city.  Others think that our illustration is unfair racially or otherwise.  Some believe that we are callously profiting off of a terrible situation.

Plaintiff's lawyers get demonized for a variety of reasons and our tribe has a large number of bad apples.  We initially contemplated and even took a "bad apple cops" image to the draft stage instead of the image we chose.  I do not defend the bad behavior of my peers. Many police officers who I count as my friends do not defend the behavior of their peers. Our law firm is not anti-cop.  We are against violence.  We give extra suspicion to violence perpetuated against the public by government employees.

Money is a crass way to achieve justice, but it is ultimately the only language that many law enforcement organizations understand.  We will gladly stop suing the government as soon as they stop hurting our clients.